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Hand-made pasta, crispy pizza baked in a traditional wood-fired stove – accompanied by great Italian wines; our quick service team is eager to recommend the appropriate drink!

Italian cuisine in Salzburg

Pizza, Pasta & Pesce – three delicacies synonymous with classic Italian cuisine and way of life. Savour the classics – always freshly prepared by our highly specialized kitchen brigade, allowing us to provide a wide variety of well-established crowd pleasers. Enjoy a Pizza freshly baked just like at a Pizzeria, fresh fish and seafood as well as handmade pasta varieties.

Osteria Cavalli: Pizza


Flour, water, salt & 350 °C

The Italian staple, that needs no introduction. Baked in our traditional wood fired oven, this classic is exclusively finished with high quality toppings.

Pizza menu


Tact and experience

With love, careful craftsmanship and seasoned family recipes we transform flour and eggs into traditional Italian pasta varieties.

Pasta dishes
Osteria Cavalli: Pasta
Osteria Cavalli: Pesce


The sound of the sea on your palate

Sea bass, prawns, mussels and all the other delicacies the sea has to offer – we exclusively prepare our dishes in a way that brings out the full flavour unique to the respective ingredient.

Fish dishes